Tunnel management made easy.

The missing tunnel manager, compatible with OpenSSH, automatic and intuitive. Don't waste your time; be productive.

One app, numerous tunnels

Connect and monitor a numerous tunnels for you, nothing to worry about.


Compatible with OpenSSH

Everything in OpenSSH, local / remote / dynamic port forwarding types, agent forwarding, certificates, proxy jump, etc.

Compatible with OpenSSH
OS X Keychain integration

macOS Keychain integration

macOS Keychain provides a strong secure storage for passphrases, Core Tunnel is tightly integrated with Keychain and makes your job easier than ever.

Advanced options editor

A handy way to edit per-host advanced options, contextual help provides immediate information for ssh directives.

Advanced options editor
Automatic reconnect

Automatic reconnect

Core Tunnel tries to restore your connections after network failure or waking up from sleep.

Menu bar icon

Control and monitor tunnels without switching out your current working window.

Menu bar icon


Have hundreds or thousands of tunnels? No problem, tagging comes to save.

Free or go Premium

Price starts at
Number of tunnels 1 host Unlimited
Compatible with OpenSSH
Integrated with macOS Keychain
Automatic reconnect
Advanced options editor
Status icon in menu bar
Custom tags
Importing and exporting
Automatic syncing
Scriptable ( automation with AppleScript and Automator)
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Get Support

Use the Codinn Community to request support or report bug. You can also discuss and explore Core Tunnel’s future with us by joining the community.